Asset Management


“We utilize the industry’s most powerful asset tracking software, Exhibit Force.”


Xtreme Exhibits, Inc. utilizes ExhibitForce Technology. This powerful web-based exhibit and event application offers centralized management of tradeshow assets and streamlined work process coupled with client interaction anywhere, anytime, all in a secure environment. Maximize your events, meetings, and projects by optimizing and prioritizing your resources with ExhibitForce.

Utilizing our ExhibitForce program, you can store your displays at Xtreme Exhibits and schedule your display along with collateral materials to be shipped to upcoming venues. Choose from your inventory of banner stands, portable displays, inline booths, and large displays. Manage all with the click of a button!

To access a demo of our “ON-LINE EXHIBIT MANAGER PROGRAM,” click on the client log in tab on the main menu bar above. This will take you to a log in page. Login with username: xtremeexhibits and use the password: demo.


Inventory Control

» See a real time inventory based on your event show dates. You will always know what is available and not available for any given event.


» View past, current, and future scheduled events and export to excel spreadsheets with the click of a button.

» View charts, analyze budget statistics, and share with coworkers.


» Allow Xtreme Exhibits to manage your trade show assets. Pulling, prepping, shipping, and arranging return of your exhibit assets from events worldwide.

» Use ExhibitForce to notify Xtreme Exhibits of upcoming shows, utilize live Inventory controls to select which displays, literature, and giveaways to send.

» Receive emailed confirmations from your dedicated trade show coordinator that your order has been received and will arrive at the show on time, ready for you.


Communicate and collaborate all aspects of all events to:
  • Entire Event Team
  • Upper Management
  • Booth Staff
  • Exhibit House
Virtual File Cabinet – Stores all event files
  • Access historic event files
  • Access current event files
  • Access project event files
Virtual File Folder – Contains as much Event Information as required:
  • Event Details – Dates, contacts, logistics, inventory
  • Budget – Estimated, Actual, Variance
  • Staffing – Assign booth staff and schedule, e-mail direct from event file
  • Leads – Attach lead data directly to event file
  • Attachments – Attach as many documents or files as required to create a real virtual event file

We’ll store your assets in our secure facility. Next, we thoroughly inspect and inventory all your components. Prior to going out to a show, we’ll prep & assemble your exhibit properties and pack for shipping. Then, when your exhibit and materials return from the show we’ll immediately pull all components and evaluate for damages and then give all surfaces a through cleaning.

This will not only extend the life of you exhibit through proper maintaining, repairing and refurbishing of your hardware and graphics, but it will also ensure that your exhibit properties are in the best shape at every show you attend.

Don’t get caught on the show floor with an unexpected problem. Let us manage your most valuable asset!

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