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Trade Show Staff Resources

People Skills

Who you send to a trade show and what and how they communicate impacts your trade show ROI and overall success. Read through our people skills tips to learn appropriate exhibit etiquette, how to staff appropriately for the event and how to sell, sell, sell at the show.

Promotion Tips

Marketing is a key component of a successful trade show strategy; it is instrumental in helping you meaningfully engage with as many clients and prospects as possible. Our promotion tips provide guidelines on how to get the most out of your promotions, before the show, at the show and after the show.

Productivity Tips

Trade shows and events represent the best and most meaningful way to connect with key customers face-to-face. Our productivity tips are designed to help you maximize the value you receive out of the trade shows you select.

Planning Tips

Trade show planning is an essential part of ensuring your event is a success. Read through our tips to learn some trade show basics and also get ideas for improving the tactics you use to increase your trade show ROI and set you apart from your competition.

Trade Show Resources: Free to Download

Guide to Improving Trade Show ROI

Follow these tips to score big at your next trade show.

Guide to Island Exhibits

Learn the best practices for designing an island exhibit.

Trade Show Ideas Ebook

This Ebook contains more than 20 exhibiting success stories.