Frequently Asked Questions

​Xtreme Exhibits is committed to helping each and every client identify the perfect trade show exhibit solution for whatever event it may be - trade show, expo, mall exhibit, conference or other corporate events.

Through the years, Xtreme Exhibits have been receiving numerous inquiries over the phone and on our contact forms hence we found the urge to put together the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. We grouped everything according to major topics and see to it that every single question is answered in a detailed manner. 

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Custom trade show exhibits are custom-tailored or made-to-order, giving the exhibitors complete freedom in choosing a specific design that will suit their brand and needs. Click the link to learn more about the frequently asked questions  of the topic custom exhibits.

Modular Trade Show Displays

Off-the-shelf or custom exhibits using modular components or framework are classified as modular trade show displays. These type of display gives users flexibility in exhibiting on different configuration, show after show.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Resorting to a rental exhibit is not only an economical option but also a cost-effective one. Through rental trade show exhibits, exhibitors will be given a chance to try before purchasing a new exhibit. Click the link below to learn more.

If your question doesn't cover any of our featured topics above, you can message us via contact form provided in the contact us page. One of our representatives will look into your message as soon as possible.