Banner Stands



roll up retractable banner stands

Roll up retractable banner stand is one of the most convenient and ease-to-use type of banner stand. The heavy-weight base serves as base support for the bungee cord pole and graphic case. To put up a roll up retractable banner stand in an event, you only need to setup the 3-piece bungee cord pole, pull the rail up from the base, roll the graphics up and attach the rail to the pole. Roll up retractable banner stand is designed to roll up and down smoothly. The graphics usually is pre-installed upon purchase but it can easily be changed for show-to-show needs. This product comes in premium carry bag.


smartwall banner stands

These type of banner stand uses an extrusion frame system for easy assembling and disassembling – one person can assemble it in 2 minutes or less. The banner stand frame structure is made up of very light-weight aluminum material, giving users an ease in portability. Smartwall banner stands is definitely the best option if you prefer the graphics to have a nice frame to make your portable display look more elegant. Banner stand graphics are offered in vinyl, fabric or polyester materials. Smartwall banner stand comes in durable wheeled molded case for easy transport.


wave vertical curve banner stands

The wave type of banner stand is often used by exhibitors who want to put some style in their display. This type of banner stand uses light-weight aluminum frame system that assembles in snap buttons. Wave vertical curve fabric banner stand is very easy to setup, requires no tools to assemble and disassemble – one can setup a wave curve banner stand for any event in just 2 minutes or less. This product comes in dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic and wheeled shipping case.

Advantages of Banner Stands:

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use

When it comes to portability, banner stands are considered as one of the most convenient type of portable display. Banner stands can weigh about 20 lbs or even lighter. Setup time can be as easy as 3-5 simple steps and can complete a full setup in just a few seconds. The most common type of banner stands used as display are retractable banner stands or roll up banner stands.

Ability to Accessorize Resulting in a More Functional Display

Banner stands have evolve from plain and simple non-retractable stands to light-weight, retractable and even more functional ones. Banner stand accessory kits have been available for all types of banner stands in our online store to complete any display’s functionality. Tables and literature rack options can be attached to the banner stand.

Versatile for All Types of Events

Banner stands provide great versatility if you choose one for your display solution. The ability of the banner stands to easily setup and mobilize from one venue to another allows users to maximize its use. No matter what event it may be – trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, mall stores or any display needs – banner stands are adaptable to any display applications.