Popticals…From Peninsula to Inline Configuration


client's comments:

"Longtime client, Popticals, challenged us to articulate how their product worked to visitors while also elevating the brand above its competition. We designed distinctive upgrades to their existing exhibit that not only communicated their capabilities but also blew competitors out of the water. "

-Brent Blanton, Account Executive, Xtreme Exhibits

ways to share:

design challenge:

Popticals first partnered Xtreme Exhibits in 2014 to design a custom trade show exhibit with a 20' x 30' peninsula configuration. The exhibit design featured three freestanding kiosk stands, a custom multimedia center, custom display stands and more. In 2016, Popticals became a sponsor and is one of the exhibitors at Outdoor Retailer Show (ORShow) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Popticals partnered Xtreme Exhibits once again for this event and needed a custom exhibit solution. Popticals wanted to update their existing exhibit to coincide with their new booth space configuration and make a bigger impact on the show floor. Popticals also needed additional space to display their revolutionary products and a client consultation area for visitor engagement.

design solution:

Popticals partnered with Xtreme Exhibits to make a new exhibit design to update their existing 20' x 30' exhibit. To boost Poptical's impact on the exhibit floor, Xtreme Exhibits designed another backwall extending from the multimedia wall in a 90 degree angle. The new backwall had built-in shelving for additional showcase of Popticals' products. To answer the company's demand for a consultation area, Xtreme Exhibits built a custom bar-type counter equipped with drawers for additional storage. The bar counter served as engagement area wherein visitors can sit while booth staffers talk about product offerings, deliver their sales pitch or demonstrate their products. Finally, a circular hanging sign was mounted at the center of the exhibit to boost Popticals' overhead exposure and standout on the exhibit floor. The updates made by Xtreme Exhibits to Popticals' custom exhibit not only backed them in displaying products, but also reinforced Popticals' brand prominence.

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