Meals Plus…From Rental to Custom Exhibit


For years, Meals Plus had been renting the same booth from another exhibit house. In 2013, their old exhibit house told them that the display they had been renting for the last several years was going up in price. They weren’t getting an upgraded design, they weren’t getting new graphics. “The cost is going up,” they were told. The increase in rental cost was going to put them outside of their allotted 2013 marketing budget.

When we initially met with Meals Plus, we looked at the design that they had been renting. While they didn’t want to stray far from the basic footprint, we designed for them a trade show display that was similar in nature but had an updated design, graphics, and look.

We worked with the Meals Plus marketing team to provide them a turn key solution which included carpeting, padding, graphics, a hanging sign, reception desk, furniture, round trip shipping, and even on site labor to install and dismantle. We met with the Meals Plus trade show team before the show opened to assist in placing their point of purchase displays. While we were available for them throughout the show, their professional staffers didn’t require any assistance during the event. At the conclusion of the show, our I&D labor team showed up and dismantled the display in just a few hours.

All in all, a very successful show for Meals Plus! We look forward to working with them again!

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